Your Identity

Your Identity

I do require the use of a verified email address before leaving a comment on the blog or posting in the forum.

I have the forum set to not show your email address to other forum members.  Only the admin (me) can see it and I give you my word that I will not be selling or otherwise sharing your email address with anyone.  Period.


This being computers ‘n all, please take appropriate precautions to protect your identity.


Change the Story

If it’s a sensitive story, maybe tell a creative nonfiction version of it that uses different details but makes a similar point.  Maybe write as if it was a friend of years back, “I once knew someone …”.  Don’t use real names.  Change male to female if that helps, etc.  I am not conducting scientific research.  I want to promote conversations about subjects that are difficult to talk about.  Let’s do that as positively as possible.


Use an Obscure Email Address

Use an email address that’s obscure and from a provider like yahoo or hotmail, not your own domain, an address that you don’t use for anything else – for example, something crazy like wob72ehce67wga44mpe862dnij832uh3tk43dh25a8fh @  Well, I don’t even know if you can make that long of a yahoo email address but you get my point.


Email Settings

You can control your settings to receive an email when someone replies to your post.  Users can send private messages to each other within the forum but even as they do that, they cannot see the other’s email address.

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