Which Taboos do We Cover?

Which Taboos do We Cover?

Which taboos do we cover here? Those we think we’d be better off without – or at least toning down considerably.tabooGraph2-0-color

For Taboo Taxonomy, I’ve come up with the groupings above.  Nothing hard and fast about this, lots of overlap and opportunities for confusion no matter how this is done.  Detailed descriptions here.

The goal for creating these categories is to make it easy for people to find topics of interest.

Given that I’ve never seen this sort of diagram and given that each of us could be walking around with our own unconscious made-up worlds similar to this, I offer my hunches here for discussion.

How different is your world?  I’d love to read your description in a comment. If comments are closed, send me a message.

Why do some have negative terms like Shame while others have neutral ones like Cultural? I’ve been wondering that myself. I can imagine a bunch of good arguments for doing it differently.

No particular way would be perfect. This one seemed workable.  I’m open to suggestions.


Think we should add another taboo topic? If you don’t find it here, then add a comment to this post, or contact me.


If you think we should leave these taboos alone, have your say in a comment, or contact me.


What do you think should be different?  Do tell in a comment or message me.  I’d love to hear.



Taboo Taxonomy v0.03

Taboo Taxonomy v0.02

Taboo Taxonomy v0.01


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