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Sex in the Middle of the Road

I sooo wish I’d had my camera with me recently.  I was in the Mission around Valencia and 18th and I saw Sex Happening in the Middle of the Street!

You know how that street has this pseudo parking lane right down the middle?  I have yet to figure that out except that I often see cars parked there.

Well, this night two big brown UPS trucks were parked back to back almost touching!  AND packages were moving from one into the other!!

I wrote to Allan over at missionmission ’cause it was too funny.  Then I apologized for being so entertained by the benign.

His response was even funnier:

“Oh don’t  get me started on the benign. I saw a Cup ‘o Noodles balanced on top of a fire hydrant the other night — took pictures from three different angles because it tickled me so.”

I see he’s posted it here.

Then I wondered – who put the noodles there? Did they do it on purpose? If so, what was it? To give Allan something to photograph and a chuckle and a way through another few minutes of his life? Did they watch him? Or maybe they were trying to duck into a cab with their friends and the cabbie said no noodles in the cab …

But back to the UPS trucks.

I bet the UPS people have a word for that. they must plan those rendezvouz, don’t ya think? And how do they talk about it? Hey … uh … Jack … we … uh … gotta go do that thing with our vans … at 7 tonite … in the middle of Valencia … .

Nooo, they Must have a word for it. What Is It? Does anyone work at one of these places or have a relative they can ask?

Now I’m really curious but I’ve spooked enough people with my doily art – I’m gonna let someone else explore this time.

Let me know what you find out.