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Living in ‘Financial’ Times

There are way too many stories like this. We all should really know this.

What am I doing about it? I’m talking about it. As loudly as I can. I know it’s difficult for most to mention this topic, let alone post about it under their real name on the web. Some of us can do that.

We all can reach out more to those around us – somehow. How can you?


Out of the Darkness – community walk for awareness about suicide

This is the most down to earth approach I’ve ever heard of for talking with someone who’s feeling suicidal.

I can imagine this approach being helpful for some … many?  I know when I have felt very low, I have wanted to talk with someone who could talk about what the low was about, not have them tell me that I shouldn’t feel low.

Or sometimes they say go help someone else or go join a cause and make your life worth something.  Those just aren’t helpful.  It’s as if my legs are dangling half severed from my body and the person is saying just walk and you’ll be fine.  Or go carry stuff for someone else and you’ll get better.

A Conversation about Suicide


Community walk to bring about awareness about suicide

Out of the Darkness