Comments and interactions which further this site’s mission are indeed encouraged.

Disagreement is expected and tolerated.

Humor is encouraged as long as it is on topic, is not derogatory, and does not get in the way of the mission of this site. It keeps us lighthearted, moving, thinking, not getting stuck.  It’s my preferred antidepressant!  Drug me, baby!


What’s OK to Say, What’s Prohibited

Given all my experience talking with people about these subjects and considering the capacity people have for a wide variety of behavior on the web, I will give you a hint of what kinds of comments might further our mission and which ones I will delete without notice.  Check out this chart of suggestions:










Comments that sound more like the green ones in the star have a good chance of staying while ones that sound like the red ones outside of it will most likely not last long.


No one here needs fixed or judged.  No one can know the fullness of where someone else is at in their life, what they value, what details about their situation they might not be comfortable sharing.  Comments that respect that are wholeheartedly encouraged.


What to Share

You may want to share your thoughts in general on a certain taboo subject.

Or maybe you want to anonymously share a personal account of how a taboo subject is playing out in your life.

Maybe you see options for others to consider in their pursuit of a better resolution of a situation in their life.

I hope you’ll participate if you are so moved.


Who can Share

This site can be used by anyone, including victims as well as perpetrators since often perpetrators can be acting out of a place of unresolved abuse that they received.

I would love to add my voice and efforts to stopping that cycle.


No eCompost, Please

Preserving this mission is very important to me.

Disrespect will not be tolerated.

Comments that tell others what to do will not be tolerated.

Comments that judge others will not be tolerated.

Each person on this site is entitled space to figure out their choices for themselves.

Any comments that do not fit the mission of this site will be used to enrich my eCompost pile. I hope it remains an empty pit of nothingness.


Cross-pollination of Conversation

This site is not the final word on any taboo. Our goal is to have one place to ponder many taboo subjects with other ponderers.

Discussing a difficult topic is not the same as following through with an action. For many, even though the action may be very difficult to imagine, discussing it helps us develop a way of thinking about it that better fits who we are.

We will link to other sites which helpfully cover individual taboos in depth.


You are Responsible

Use your own judgment about how to participate and what to share.

If in doubt, don’t participate and don’t share. Instead, take some time to think about it. You can always come back later.


Given the difficult nature of discussing these subjects, if you have any doubts about what may or may not be acceptable, feel free to ask beforehand.

Please take care to protect your identity as needed.

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