Fuck War Art Project – Artist Statement

Fuck War Art Project – Artist Statement

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A good friend of mine saw all my other doily art and suggested I make one that said “Fuck War”.

I cringed at first, thinking the message was too strong, inappropriate, not with enough reverence for those caught up in the slaughter firsthand.

But then I had a vision that 100 years from now we got so smart.

All the adults and schools taught all the horrors of war, age-appropriately, throughout their lives.

Every grandmother (women just being born now/soon) had a fuck war doily somewhere in her home – her sitting room, kitchen, patio. Women made them for each other and their daughters, gave exquisite designs as special gifts, passed them down as heirlooms. (Yes, men would even get in the act. In fact, 100 years from now we won’t actually have much of “women” and “men” left since gender will be freed from the binary form it has today. But that’s another project.)

Everyone grew up knowing the horrors and took this doily as a gentle but stern reminder that whatever you do in your life – your vocation, your impact on others – you always appropriately convey these horrors and teach how important negotiation, empathy, and understanding are to each other and to the world.

Now I’m very much at home – literally – with this message.

I invite you to join me in creating this message in whatever form you like and collecting the messages here to go out to the world together.

May the doily force be with you.

Laura Mappin

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