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Recently I sat down with Diane Rinella and a number of friends and we discussed consanguinamory , which is incest between consenting adults. Of all the taboo subjects I’ve discussed over the years, this one rose above them all for making people uncomfortable. It’s mostly illegal but should it be? Does it really warrant penalties more severe than first degree murder?

We had the conversation and did the research. See what you think.

Friend Zoner vs Nice Guy

friendzonervsniceguyThis is as clean and straight up as I’ve ever seen this Friend Zoner vs Nice Guy issue addressed.

When someone is another’s friend in hopes of more and does not appreciate the friendship without it, this doesn’t bode well for the friendship. Same as if someone is another’s friend just to get some business (I mean business business, not sex.)

I’m not that young anymore and I still find myself explaining this to guys. They don’t get it. I drop them as friends. They weren’t friends in the first place. They were illusionist manipulators. Good riddance.