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Are We Designed to be Sexual Omnivores?

Sex at Dawn author Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores?

3:25 – Fierce Egalitarianism – the best way to mitigate risk in a foraging context (society)

5.30 – To argue that our ancestors were sexual omnivores is no more a criticism of monogamy than to argue that our ancestors were dietary omnivores is a criticism of vegetarianism. You can choose to be a vegetarian but don’t think that just because you’ve made that decision, bacon stopped smelling good.

7:30 – Female Copulatory Vocalization

9:05 – each person is sexually autonomous; many sexual partners for each woman and man; no shame associated with sexual behavior

9:40 – Partable paternity: fetus is made of accumulated semen of many men; woman has sex with the men who have characterists she wants in her child. Paternity is a team endeavor.

10:20 – “All that we can surmise of humankind’s genetic history argues for a more liberal sexual morality, in which sexual practices are to be regarded first as bonding devices and only second as a means of procreation.” – E. O. Wilson

Human sexuality is first a bonding device and only secondarily procreation.
Our evolved sexuality is in direct conflict with many aspects of the modern world. The contradictions between what we’re told we should feel and what we actually do feel generates a huge amount of unnecessary suffering.

11:10 – … and that we’ll finally put to rest the idea that men have some innate instinctive right to monitor and control women’s sexual behavior.

11:25 – We all have closets we have to come out of. Our fight is not with each other. Our fight is with an outdated Victorian sense of human sexuality that conflates desire with property rights, generates shame and confusion in place of understanding and empathy.

ED Related to Internet Porn Use?

Is internet porn use and addiction related to ED? Around minute 10.

There seems to be some science behind this claim in the video. Maybe it can be refuted.

Also, they’re not claiming that all porn is bad, just that possibly some uses of it at certain times in one’s life may have detrimental effects on the brain and person.

The Golden Tampon Story

You might be surprised to learn that the idea for The Golden Tampon came from a guy. He suggested it after seeing my gold thread crocheted tampon art objects in among my collection of silver, white and red ones. He immediately thought of several women he would give them to.

At first, I cringed. But I knew he was being genuine and not trying to make a sarcastic joke. And I remembered stories in Egalia’s Daughters and the Great Menstruation Games and I thought, why not? It’s totally in line with all the other messages I muck around in. And it’s got a great positive twist for the whole tampon, menstruation, menopause terrain that we typically find fermenting under a dark crimson shroud of secrecy. Which of course makes for completely sensible and straightforward conversation whenever the subject does come up.


So, my friend, a golden tampon lifetime achievement award it is!

Check out MUM, the Museum of Menstruation for so much more on the topic.

Are We Missing a Dirty Word?

While discussing sex in our culture with a couple friends who had been in marriages that had very little sex, I heard my one friend who has a knack for Steven Wright-like statements wonder this:

Friend: “Fornicate” only pertains to marriage. It’s sex without marriage.

… some time passes.

Friend: Is there a dirty word for marriage without sex?