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The Golden Tampon Story

You might be surprised to learn that the idea for The Golden Tampon came from a guy. He suggested it after seeing my gold thread crocheted tampon art objects in among my collection of silver, white and red ones. He immediately thought of several women he would give them to.

At first, I cringed. But I knew he was being genuine and not trying to make a sarcastic joke. And I remembered stories in Egalia’s Daughters and the Great Menstruation Games and I thought, why not? It’s totally in line with all the other messages I muck around in. And it’s got a great positive twist for the whole tampon, menstruation, menopause terrain that we typically find fermenting under a dark crimson shroud of secrecy. Which of course makes for completely sensible and straightforward conversation whenever the subject does come up.


So, my friend, a golden tampon lifetime achievement award it is!

Check out MUM, the Museum of Menstruation for so much more on the topic.

Golden Tampon Lifetime Achievement Award


A decorative work of art to commemorate that you’ve done your Tampon Time and you’re Free At Last!

This art object of a tampon symbol is beautifully hand crocheted out of metallic gold thread and hangs in a distinctive black shadow box.

Gold trophy labels celebrate “Golden Tampon” and “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Give it to your partner or spouse, your best friend, or even yourself!

Makes a great menopausal gift or post-menopausal gift although it’s probably not a minstrel gift.

Celebrate newfound liberation with The Change! Freedom from The Curse! Get some of the best medicine, as they say. Laugh off those hot flashes!

Cocky Heart


This month (June 2013) I’ll be teaching how to make this Cocky Heart in San Jose, CA.

You’d probably want to know how to crochet first but even if you just want to watch, you’d be welcome.  Let me know if you want details.  It’s a small group with limited seating.

This project is being billed as a heart with a secret inside.  Could be a flower or fireworks or whatever.  It’s YOUR heart so you can put whatever you want in it, or at least whatever you can crochet or attach.  We do meet to crochet but if you want to knit or sew or use chewed gum to make one of these with us, you’d be welcome.

See a video of using one of these made out of 100% cotton, you know, the yarn that’s typically used for dishcloths.

And here’s a video of how these grow in my garden.

How did I come up with this idea?  Years ago on Valentine’s Day I was going out to listen to some music with my partner of a number of years.  I really wanted to crochet that evening while listening to music and asked if that would be ok with him.  He said sure, as long as I made something for him.

Well, it probably wasn’t for him but it did elicit a good laugh.

Cheers to Us as We Sail into 2013!

Jack is well positioned at the maidenhead of this here sailboat to take us through whatever taboo waters 2013 brings up.

If you’re new to Jack, Jack was created in about 38 seconds of whimsy out of hot plastic by a friend.  Another friend then stole it, claiming I needed to have it.

I was and still am overly appreciative of their creativity and their offering.  I immediately started taking pictures of Jack in all sorts of natural settings.  Maybe someday this solo Jack act (and solo Jill act) won’t be so taboo.  It is coming around, so to speak.

Both friends prefer to remain anonymous although I’ve said it again and again that I will happily provide credit if it is ever so desired.  Thank you two!


Carry on!

Fuck War Art Project

Fuck War Art Project

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What if it was normal to walk into your grandmother’s house and see a doily on the end table that said “Fuck War”?

What if we had a deep common understanding across people all over this world that war is unacceptable, that alternatives exist and should be – must be – used at all costs to work out our differences instead of war?

What if politicians’ constituencies (us us us!) all over the world voiced this message so consistently everyday, like with a doily in their home, or writing it on their body with henna or a tattoo, or skywriting on Veterans Day?

What if we all understood the high costs of war to each and every one of us and said so in many ways over and over?

Could we possibly make war again?


This website holds a collaborative art project that combines this sentiment said in as many ways and from as many countries as possible.

If you feel so inclined, create this sentiment in your own personal way and send us a digital image or a link to your site describing your creation. Let us know what country you’re from.

Paint it, crop circle it. quilt it.

Chime in with a comment here.

Can we hear from every country in the world?


Imagine Peace

Sums it up!!



More of her doilies