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Fuck War Art Project

Fuck War Art Project

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What if it was normal to walk into your grandmother’s house and see a doily on the end table that said “Fuck War”?

What if we had a deep common understanding across people all over this world that war is unacceptable, that alternatives exist and should be – must be – used at all costs to work out our differences instead of war?

What if politicians’ constituencies (us us us!) all over the world voiced this message so consistently everyday, like with a doily in their home, or writing it on their body with henna or a tattoo, or skywriting on Veterans Day?

What if we all understood the high costs of war to each and every one of us and said so in many ways over and over?

Could we possibly make war again?


This website holds a collaborative art project that combines this sentiment said in as many ways and from as many countries as possible.

If you feel so inclined, create this sentiment in your own personal way and send us a digital image or a link to your site describing your creation. Let us know what country you’re from.

Paint it, crop circle it. quilt it.

Chime in with a comment here.

Can we hear from every country in the world?


Imagine Peace

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