Bhutanization History

Bhutanization History

The Bhutanese paint phalluses on their buildings for protection and fertility.

I vote for us doing the same, if only to raise our comfortable-with-self quotient.

And my added wish – I hope that these symbols of fertility would also offer us all the most fertile creativity this human race has ever seen so that we may empathetically handle the issues of our day.



A brick house needs a brick prosperity decoration (spewing tiny briquettes – where did you Think we got them?)






A friend’s calm alcove, enhanced.

I admit I do not know where the corset inspiration came from. That’s the risk you take with having your house Bhutanized by me. Or maybe that could actually be a bustier?






Even though Bhutan does this with the phallus, it seems a tad out of balance since fertility is the result of both sides and since protection can come not only from physical power but from a well placed word of understanding … that is if we’re gonna talk stereotype generalities here. I think there’s room to add the vulva as well in this way.

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Protective phallus

A smokin’ phallus by Bay Images

Phallus adorned with nudebranch-ish ribbon by Bay Images

Much larger than lifesize lovely fuzzy painting – with spray!

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