Our Taboo Museum is created and maintained by

me, Laura Mappin.






It has grown out of my sentiments behind my fuck doily, which, for me, asks –

How pretty must we make something before we can talk about it?



To Talk or not To Talk

I have always preferred talking about something rather than not talking about it.

Even though discussing a difficult topic could be quite painful, it always seemed worth it since it could avert a worse fate.  Why would someone do otherwise?


And yet it seemed everyone around me was doing just that.


I think some don’t believe the worse fates could happen to them.  Since discussion is difficult, they skip it, take their chances.

Or the fear of the discussion is so big that they can’t see past that.

Or?  <your guess here>


The Inquisitive Ones

Whatever the reason, I have no interest in twisting people’s arms to talk.  But I know the willing are out there.

For those of us who cannot stand not talking, want it, must have it – this website is for you.


Working Through

As many people have, I’ve worked through a few of my own situations without any discussion with others.  I wish I could’ve found a few folks to talk about how they handled the issue, how they saw things.  I felt like I was the only one going through it but I knew that just couldn’t be true.

I’m building this site for people stuck there today.  And — ha ha — I’m still chewing on some things too, so I’m not done yet.


You can see more of my crocheted art that addresses other taboo subjects here.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Yours in self-directed taboo transformation,

Laura Mappin

September 2012