Listen: Talking about Consanguinamory

– incest between consenting adults


What if …





Homosexual pairing is normal.

Heteros have to come out of the closet.





Male/Female Violence

Men live with the violence of everyday sexism as many women do today.

Catcalling toward men that’s similar to catcalling toward many women today.

Men have to deal with unrelenting pick-up women like many women have to today.

Men feel the pain of illegal abortion similar to what many women feel.

Men who cannot keep their unwanted hands off of women are restricted rather than telling the woman she needs to wear different clothes or act differently.


Sex & Reproduction

If men want Viagra, they have to pass through a gauntlet of hoops like women do today to care for their reproductive health.

Including the penile probe.

Protect baby sperm cells – Sarah Silverman.

Take away a man’s right to choose.


Male/Female Culture & Language

Renown scientist lived 40 years as a woman, then a man. Has a few things to say about the difference.

Women and men switch gender roles when reading scripts.

Switched up comic book characters.

Swap all gendered language – change “he” to “she”, etc. in webpages.

And another gendered language switch-up.

Talk about male celebrities like we talk about female ones.

Reverse gender stereotypes in media.



Dark/light skin color – I know I’ve read stories where someone has changed their skin and run their own experiments. I’d love to collect those stories here. I would love to receive links to these stories if you have them.

This comes close: White Guy and Black Guy Commit the same Crime

Nationalistic perspective in the news – what if our news talked about ourselves the way we talk about other countries we disapprove of? I have crossed paths with posts along these lines but didn’t save them. I’d love to include them in this collection. Feel free to send me links if you see them.