Vagina Quilts

For the first time to my knowledge, Pacific International Quilt Festival 2004 (San Jose, CA) showed vagina quilts. Even listed them as such in their program. Near the bottom but not last.

If my memory serves me, there were 10-12 quilts in this category, of which a good number did resemble vaginas, well vulvae actually.

My first reaction was to want them to change the name. Then I wanted to see them have a vulva quilt section as well as a penis quilt section next time.

But after more thought, I’d really rather just see that we’ve all moved on to be able to use vagina, vulva, and penis representations in our quilts as we wish — for their beauty, for the message, for reasons we don’t really understand — without having to cordon it off over in this special permission corner of a show.

My hunch is this is done as much if not moreso for the viewers as for the artists. I suspect there is a small minority which would claim offense at turning the corner and being faced with a quilted vulva image, albiet beautiful, and spoil it for the rest of us. Or we could make this work in the other direction by expressing our appreciation to the quilt show organizers for showing these quilts and could they allow them anywhere in the show next year please.

I don’t see vagina quilts or anything of the sort listed this year. I’m looking forward to the next shows.