The Golden Tampon Story

You might be surprised to learn that the idea for The Golden Tampon came from a guy. He suggested it after seeing my gold thread crocheted tampon art objects in among my collection of silver, white and red ones. He immediately thought of several women he would give them to.

At first, I cringed. But I knew he was being genuine and not trying to make a sarcastic joke. And I remembered stories in Egalia’s Daughters and the Great Menstruation Games and I thought, why not? It’s totally in line with all the other messages I muck around in. And it’s got a great positive twist for the whole tampon, menstruation, menopause terrain that we typically find fermenting under a dark crimson shroud of secrecy. Which of course makes for completely sensible and straightforward conversation whenever the subject does come up.


So, my friend, a golden tampon lifetime achievement award it is!

Check out MUM, the Museum of Menstruation for so much more on the topic.