About the Crowd-sourced Religious Proselytizing Project

About the Crowd-sourced Religious Proselytizing Project

If you are pleased when someone tries to convert you to another faith, then this project is probably not for you.

The next time you are approached by someone trying to convert you, you can easily look up this website and find the argument you need to convert them to your belief system.

In fact, we could even work together to provide responses across all beliefs to respond to this banding thing. Imagine a slew of 100 bands per child sent to the school to be placed on students’ wrists to give equal time to all beliefs.

How this Idea Came to Be

I read an article in a religious magazine that described the arguments one should make to convert another to that magazine’s religious belief system.

The article listed different beliefs that the to-be-converted might hold and how to argue against each belief. So if the other person believed A, the magazine said to argue B. If they believed X, argue Y.

I’ve always had a disdain for proselytizing on any subject. And here was an example whereby a person who didn’t understand the other person’s beliefs and their own well enough could just spout stuff from a magazine to make their point?! How rude!

Infuriated, I wanted to make it easy for anyone to do this, especially all proselytizees.

I imagined this huge spreadsheet in the sky where anyone could go to get the argument they needed to convert any person of any belief to their personal belief. level that playing field in the bud!

Hence, this open source crowd-sourced proselytizing project was born. Add your thoughts!

Yes, my hope – in case it isn’t clear – is that by just suggesting this ridiculous situation where everyone’s equally prepared to be rude, we could just drop proselytizing out of our way of being, yes?

A friend asked me, “If you prostelytize for money, does that make you a prostelytute?”


Compare beliefs – helpful chart



Contribute an Answer

Suggest Another Belief System

* This project is presented for discussion purposes, its functionality is very manual at this point. I could use a collaborator on the backend of this project. If you’d like to help with the SQL backend portion of this project in trade for over-the-top attribution, make me a proposal.


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